Sunday, 26 April 2015

Fatback Bees!

The first in a series of promo Flyers & Posters for the Exhibition.

Here’s one of the first flyers for the show.
The title of it is based on the term, ‘Fatback Beats’, which, musically referred to the drums of late 60s, early 70s-style funk music rhythm (a style originating in the Southern US by African-Americans which was typified by a loud or accented backbeat, kept in time by the hi-hat – See Dennis Chambers - Fatback Groove Lesson). It also referred to that music’s Fatback bass of the rhythm guitar. Great examples of this can be heard in the music of James Brown from that era (late 60s, early 70s).
However, it originally was an African-American traditional soul food term, being the fat side of a slab of bacon that was often fried. So it meant something was crisp and funky, just like the fried pork rinds made from fatback.
In the context of our Beauty Of The Bees project it refers to phat and funky bees!

So there you have it!

More will be posted tomorrow.

Later this week, I’ll be putting up the finished edit for the latest Bee Mural. It’s also inspired me to expand on the concept. More on that at the end of this week.

As an aside, Ria – one of the artists in the exhibition – dropped off 2 of her pieces for the show, and may I say, they look great! I’m sure she’ll get a good response from them. They’ve actually inspired me to get cracking and finish my pieces!

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