Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Prepping The Beauty Of The Bees Project

A year ago, myself and 2 others, fresh from participating in an arts and activism project in Ukraine, returned to London with the aim of creating an arts project linked to social awareness. The project was to be centred around bees.
The interest was there, the funding was not, so, we decided to put it on the back-burner and proceed with our own creative projects.

Six months later, I get a call from the Hill Station in Brockley South London, asking if I would be interested in holding our Bees project in their space. Meetings were had, plans were drawn up and proposals written; now here we are.

The two other artists who were originally going to facilitate the project with me had moved on, so on the back of a few local as well as international Negative Space projects, a new team was put together and thus, the Beauty Of The Bees project was born. What was originally going to be just a 3-day event, has now been extended to 2 months! (May-June 2015).

It’s a small project with a big heart, and we welcome you to join our journey.

A. Dee
Negative Space 2015

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