I have always been an advocate of the principal that rather wait for the people to come to galleries, exhibitions and art shows, art should be taken to the people. Hence, the series of murals and designs that you see below.

If you watch and listen to the accompanying video, you’ll see that each one has a theme...

#01 – Bee Happy!
In the summer of 2014, the Beauty Of The Bees project was born and then put in cryostasis.
In early 2015 it was thawed and then given new life. What was originally going to be just a 3-day event, has now been extended to a 2-month creative arts project, comprised of a group exhibition with a diverse and talented group of artists and designers, as well as a series of art workshops! It's a lot of work, but also, a lot of fun at the same time, so with this intro video to the project, I wanted to show that.

Beauty Of The Bees – 'Bee Happy!' from A. DEE on Vimeo.

#02 – Save Me!
Here’s a close up of the next mural in the Beauty Of The Bees series.
I’m just in the closing stages of the edit, so will post it here – as well as on Vimeo – when it’s done.

A more expressive style of mural, this time around.

...And here's the finished film...

Beauty Of The Bees – 'Save Me' from A. DEE on Vimeo.


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