Who We Are
We are a small collective of artists and designers whose skills range from aerosol writing (urban art) and computer graphics, through to traditional drawing, painting and sculpture. Between us we have over 20 years of professional experience.

What We Do
Using our combined talents and skills we have successfully created a series of interior and exterior murals and 3D projects and installations that are both pleasing to the eye and either stimulating or relaxing to the mind, depending on choice of theme.


The Artful Dodger (A. Dee) is widely credited with being one of the first aerosol writers to come out of the UK in the early 1980s, making the successful transition from the streets to the corporate world. Whilst holding various exhibitions and spray-painting demonstrations and workshops for young people up and down the country (with one, on a housing estate in South London, winning an award from the late Princess of Wales), he has also managed to capture the imagination of merchant bankers and stockbrokers in the City, securing a number of commissioned canvases in the process.
The Artful Dodger
Negative Space

Melissanthe Panagiotopoulou is a London-based, Athens-born young designer. She is passionate about making and working with all kinds of different materials, she likes to communicate through her work ideas such as animal rights and sustainable ways of living. She enjoys learning new things and meeting and working with new people. She has participated in a number of creative projects, in art and design exhibitions and has worked as a designer in different companies across Europe.


Yun Teng Seet (YT) is a young emerging artist currently studying Fine Art in Goldsmiths, University of London, but originally from the sunny shores of Singapore. She has worked in a wide range of materials and art forms: sculpture, textiles, illustration, photography, design, films, street art, contemporary dance, hip-hop, theatre, literature and writing... there's nothing that she isn't afraid to try, because art is, after all, about life, and it draws on so many areas of possibilities. A small girl with big dreams, she believes in living in the moment but dreaming about the future, and to never stop being curious.

Evie Fridel is an artist and educator based in South East London. She started in 2005 as an Art workshops leader in a Californian summer camp and in 2008 began leading educational tours for young people before entering the field of museum education by leading tours and workshops in The Israeli Cartoon Museum. Evie has completed her bachelors degree in Visual Communication at HIT, Israel and won an excellency certificate for her animated short film “Transition” (2012). Since relocating to London in 2013 she has been working with different learning settings such as The V&A Museum, House of Illustration, London Design Museum, Jcoss secondary school, JW3 Centre, Chisenhale art place and more. This year Evie has also been working on a community art project through Emergency Exit Arts company and began to run creative sessions in her local community in Brockley. Along with her education and community work Evie has been working as an illustrator with Peut Etre Theatre company and in January won Camden Council’s Design competition for the 2015 Holocaust Memorial Day Illustration. Currently she is working on her illustrated diary, published on her blog.


Maria Athanasiadou is a Cypriot illustrator, set designer and children's book lover. Since graduating university, she has primarily been involved in film, television and advertising projects. Whether it's props for a soap opera, art direction for indie short films or stop-motion animation for clients, her aim is to experiment with as much media as possible. She brings a colourful, Mediterranean flavour to everything she works on, a talent that seems to go down well in sunny London. Maria's master plan is to explore the world, and draw what she sees (while possibly being fed chocolate at the same time).

Ria Yvonne Rich
I have been highly creative from a young age, my childhood days were spent drawing and painting in Shropshire which was my home for the early part of my life, then I moved to Northamptonshire where I am still based. I excelled at school in Art & Design and was often recognised for my innate creativity.

After leaving school I attended North Oxfordshire's School of Art & Design. I completed a 2 year National Diploma in General Art & Design, passing with a distinction. I continued my studies at the College and graduated in 2007 with a BA (hons) in Design Craft where I specialised in Printed Textiles.

After graduating I began working in the commercial sector. During 7 years full time employment I excelled in many roles; Administration, I.T, Sales, Marketing & Business/Process Development and I believe this was down to my creativity and ability to problem solve and see things differently. I tried to continue to paint and draw and produced the occasional freelance work, designing logos and some surface pattern for fashion and interior design.

However, In May 2014, after realising the stress of the 9 - 5 often caused me to neglect my creativity, I took a leap of faith and left full time employment to pursue my dream and become a full time Artist, Designer & Maker.

I have since moved into my own studio located in Burns Street, Northampton, where I am developing my own body of work in surface pattern design, printed textiles and illustration prints. I also work on other freelance projects in graphic design, designing stationary, flyers and some screen printing work where I have developed and maintained a small cliental.

I could not have done what I am doing now 7 years ago and with the experience I have gained, I no longer adhere to the commercial world's definition of 'success' but rather I am an Artist/Designer on a very personal and creative journey.


Suffolk based artist SEM combines the use of traditional and contemporary methods with spray paint, oil and charcoal to create large scale and unique perspectives of animals and insects.

My work is about the phenomena of the physical world collectively situating my creations in mythical and fantasy landscapes. I enjoy fabricating my subjects with expression, energy and colour. A contrast between my natural heritage and the industrial cityscape I am so often drawn to.



  1. Hi you all from Bold Vision, the organisation that is the comissioning body for the project and responsible for the Hill Station, along with Jacqui and Stephen, who do the heavy lifting, keeping the space open and people fed.
    I know A Dee from old, a values friend and colleague, with lots of cooperative projects under our belts.
    david_holloway@btinternet.com @david575757

  2. Hi Yun Teng Seet. I am an ex-Goldsmiths students so we have something in common.
    Hi Evie, Love your animations. I worked with Chisenhale Gallery 25 years ago. Before I met A Dee and have had an ongoing relationship with EEA since 1995.
    You would both be welcome to come and eat yummy cake and drink tea and see the current exhibition, The Tactical Eye, at Hill Station Kitto Road SE14 5TY Top of Telegraph Hill by the church.
    david_holloway@btinternet.com @david575757